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    How can I help my team achieve targets without micromanaging?


    How can I continue to rise through the ranks, while keeping my hours sane?


    At Vagabond Coaching, we help you transition from micromanaging to working smart, to empower your team and create an awesome workplace.

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    Workshops and Talks for the City and Finance Companies

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    Banking is highly regulated, so how is it that I can trust my team, while managing risk?

    How do I help my team thrive and deliver targets under pressure?

    How do I create a team that talks to each other, rather than hiding behind emails?

    At Vagabond Coaching, we explore your solutions together.

    Leadership, Team, and Business Coaching

    Individual solutions for your team members

    How do I stop micromanaging the day to day, and instead empower my team?

    How do I nurture team players that take responsibility for their own careers?

    How do I become less tactical, and shift from putting out fires continuously to becoming more strategic?

    At Vagabond Coaching, we help you flourish as a team.

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    Setting time and space for personal long term projects

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  • About

    Ceylan Sepil-Alexander

    Executive Coach with background in finance

    Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and Harvey Firestone. These self proclaimed vagabonds all lived a life of exploration, experimentation and personal growth. Now in her coaching, Ceylan works with City professionals of similar aspirations.
    Ceylan comes from a finance background, working with Wealth Management and High Net Worth Individuals across MENA and beyond. She is a Certified Professional Coach and a member of the International Coach Federation. She is passionate about making the City a better place to thrive at. She brings wisdom of teams and systems coaching, Lego serious play, liberating structures, problem solving leadership, authentic public speaking, and improvisation into her daily work.


    Complementing her coaching, Ceylan offers tarot storytelling and wine expertise, and goes on yearly silent meditation retreats. She lives in London with her husband, a dog, and a cat.

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